The Head Teacher Association of Primary Schools of Novi Sad was founded several years ago. The members are principals of primary schools of Novi Sad and surrounding areas. The Association holds its meetings once a month and more often if necessary. At the meetings the members deal with the actual problems of the educational matters on a local level, as well as on the regional and the level of the Republic of Serbia. The Association cooperates and exchanges its experiences with the Associations of the principles of the other municipalities in Serbia.

Head Teacher Association of Primary Schools of Novi Sad (HTAPSNS) will provide access to primary school principals needed for the needs analysis, advising, offering insight into the work demands and obligations of principals in Serbia, providing a “reality check” for the program, courses, teaching methods and materials, bringing a more locally focused angle to the project, reading, helping write and commenting on the report drafts, etc. This will make the master program and professional development courses relevant and realistic. The association will also provide principals who will be trained to improve their own capacities and who will also help universities with the mentorship component. HTAPSNS will also participate in other activities, such as dissemination, quality assurance, exploitation and management.