The Faculty of Philosophy has existed since 1954, predating the founding of the University itself. A leading center of study for the languages and cultures of Vojvodina — Hungarian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak — the Faculty also offers degrees in English, French, German, and Russian. Besides languages, the Faculty offers degrees in history, pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. The youngest department at the Faculty is Media Studies, which opened in 2004 due to high demand. The Department of Pedagogy runs Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Pedagogy and plays a significant role in the Doctoral Program in Teaching Methodology.

     Faculty of Philosophy, UNS will take part in most project activities. UNS will help establish a joint, interdisciplinary master program in Educational Leadership (60 ECTS) with the aim to increase educational leadership competencies of varied target groups: principals, school team leaders, members of school boards, and employees in school governance sectors. Within this Master’s Program, UNS will work on curriculum development, courses, teaching methods and materials. UNS will also be engaged in staff training, teaching, QA, dissemination, and management of the program, as well as in its sustainability. It will also participate in the network of experts to work on mapping the educational leadership issues to be remedied. UNS will offer to the program its long-time expertise in education, and especially its experience in teaching some educational management courses.