The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest university in Serbia, consists of 31 faculties, 11 research institutes, 89.000 students and 4.500 teachers and associates. Its schools are divided into four groups: sciences and mathematics, technology and engineering sciences, medical sciences and social sciences and humanities.  The University of Belgrade also has great experience in cooperation with over 60 international organizations on all continents and is a member in the European University Association (EUA), the International Association of Universities (IAU), the Balkan University Network, and others. Faculty of Philosophy was founded in 1838, and it is the oldest and most prominent institution of higher education in Serbia. Faculty of Philosophy employs about 255 professors and enrolls around 6.000 students at all academic levels (graduate, master and doctoral) offering over 800 different courses in nine departments, among which the Department of Psychology.

     Faculty of Philosophy at UB will take part in most project activities.  Especially, UB will be working on the development of curriculum, courses, teaching methods and materials. UB will also be engaged in staff professional development, teaching, quality assurance, dissemination, management and monitoring of the program, as well as in its sustainability. UB will be a lead partner in the exploitation of the project, as it has a certain experience in joint programs and their integration in the regular offerings of the university. It will be a constructive partner in the Consortium and will add to its quality by offering its expertise in the field of management of education and education in general.