SZTE’s HUNSEM works as an international consortium of Dutch and Hungarian universities, research institutions and researchers. Its mission is to: contribute to raising the effectiveness of education through leadership development; deepen European cooperation and integration; promote the implementation of the results of international RDI into the Hungarian educational management. HUNSEM deals with research and development of educational leadership, provides MA level courses for acting and future leaders in the education sector. It has training programs for quality management experts, mentors, local administrators. HUNSEM has carried out 16 projects in the field of leadership and school development, and 7 among them were international. The institute has broad experiences in developing a training program based on the investigation of needs and identification of the competencies which are necessary to act successfully in leadership positions in education.

     SZTE’s HUNSEM – on the basis of 15-year expertise and experience in developing, implementing and evaluating MA programs for leaders and the experts – will take a complex role in the project. Based on empirical research on Educational Leadership HUNSEM will help conceptualize and structure the Master program and PD courses, especially focusing on the competencies and learning outcomes (WP1). HUNSEM will also help develop detailed syllabuses, identifying appropriate teaching materials and teaching methods for each course (WP2). The HUNSEM’s task is also providing trainings for the trainers, taking part in the implementation of the MA program and PD courses with giving some lectures / workshops, and hosting students (WP 3, WP4). HUNSEM will also lead the formative evaluation of the project and help with establishment of high quality QA mechanisms (WP6). Finally, the institute will actively participate in other activities (WP5, WP7, WP8 and WP9).