The City Municipality of Zvezdara is one of 17 municipalities which constitute City of Belgrade.  A large number of educational institutions are situated in the area of the City Municipality Zvezdara: 25 kindergartens, 14 primary schools, 2 Gymnasiums, 7 Vocational schools.

     Department of Social Affairs, Sector for education, culture and sports is responsible for the improvement of school safety, monitoring enrollment of children in primary school and regular school attendance. It delegates three members to Preschool and School Councils and cooperates very close with educational management. Also, Department connects NGOs and schools with purpose to realize many different projects considering development of schools’ programs. CMZ participates in implementation of the project ‘Parents have a say, too’ in the aim to improve conditions for the development, education and lives of children by enabling the more active and quality involvement of parents by establishing the  Municipal Parent Council.

     City Municipality of Zvezdara will take part in the most project activities. It will have an advisory role in creating curriculum and courses, teaching methods and materials in the aim to increase competencies of principals and other educational leaders. City Municipality of Zvezdara will analyze proposed strategies for improving the different levels of school governance and will cooperate with partners in identifying problems and finding the best solutions. Also, the City Municipality of Zvezdara will be engaged in staff training and a constructive partner in the dissemination of the results of the Project, quality assurance, as well as in the project’s management and monitoring.