START OF THE MASTER PROGRAM LEADERSHIP IN EDUCATION, University of Kragujevac and University of Novi Sad, October 2016-ongoing.

After the enrollment, the first generation of students (30 at University of Kragujevac and 25 at University of Novi Sad) started classes. For University of Kragujevac students, classes started on October 15, 2016, while for University of Novi Sad students, classes started in February 2017. In the first semester, students at both institutions had four mandatory courses: ‘Introduction to Leadership in education’, ‘Leading educational institution’, ‘Pedagogical leadership’, ‘Developing people in organization’. In the second semester, students selected two out of five elective courses: ‘Education systems in comparative perspective’, ‘Project and data management’, ‘Partnership and communication’, ‘Education policies and leading change’ and ‘Finance, law and administration in education’. Students also undertook action research in their own schools during the course Practice. Video-conferencing was to used between different locations so that students could attend lectures that were closest to them. Professors from all four Serbian universities participated in teaching. Classes consisted of lectures, discussions, case studies, video clip analyses, workshops, game play, practical assignments, etc.


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